XR250R: Rebuild my rear shock or...??

I have a saggy old shock on my XR250R. Most of the bike is a 1987 model but the shock is from a 1995 250R. I have a guy in town who will replace the oil, seals and whatever else needs replacing for around $70 - $80.

I've searched to see if there had been any rear shock conversions done but only came up with a couple of posts saying that a late model XR600 shock would fit. Anyone know if this is true and what it entails? Does the XR600 have the remote reservoir that clamps to the frame like my 250r does? If it's too complicated or not even worth the trouble i'll just rebuild my current shock but I'd like to find out first. I know of a guy who's parting out a 1997 XR600 and is selling his shock for $30, I thought about buying it and seeing if it'd fit but i've tried that before without any success.



I have a guy in town who will replace the oil, seals and whatever else needs replacing for around $70 - $80.
Go for the rebuild; you won't believe how nice the ride will be. Over the years, I've given this advice and also had my shock rebuilt and all of us were very pleased with the result. The shock is very capable when it has new internals and fresh suspension fluid. :busted::thumbsup:

PS and every year, you can replace the fluid yourself, quite easily, and maintain the performance level.

I just rebuilt my shock on my XR400. For me it was worth rebuilding. I did it myself but $80 isn't too bad. The only thing is it seems that the shock body of my shock has a small worn section where the sock sits when riding small bumps. When you push the rod in from all the way out it has resistance then it goes in easier for a a short distance then it goes back to normal. But it works so I am still going to use it.

70-80 totally worth it, especially if you have lost your nitrogen charge.

I was going to have an '88 XR250R shock rebuilt for my 250L (I got the shock for free) but was warned and found out that the older shocks with high wear can be destroyed internally and are beyond repair. He didn't charge me anything and I sent my L shock to be rebuilt instead. The bike was much smoother and more in controls but mostly I noticed that I had much better traction, especially under hard acceleration or braking.

LTR in Port Orchard did the work on my shock. It was more the $80 but he re-valved it for my weight too.

I decided to take it in for a rebuild. I dropped it off this last Wednesday and hope to hear from the guy early next week. Hopefully the snow holds off for a few more weeks so I can try it out this season. :busted:

The Rainbow is calling and will not wait. :banana:

We're dry as a bone here, and virtually everything is rideable. What trails should I ride starting Monday :banana:

Ya shoulda waited two more weeks :banana::busted::busted::banana:

Wanna ride the TE310? :busted:

($5,500 deposit)

I should have it back Monday or Tuesday, just in time for a Wednesday ride.... At least i'm hoping! :busted: I'll let you know, though. Weather was so crappy last week that I started tearing into the bike to clean and regrease some things and figured I might as well take in.

Thanks for the offer on the TE310 but I think i'd rather try and ride my XR without a shock before I did that.... :banana:

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