'07 vs. '08 YZ450f

Let me start by saying I'm new here, plan on getting back on a bike in the near future. I found a dealer that has a '07 & '08 YZ 450 price differance is about $800.00 any major differaance to warrent the extra $800? Price on the '07 is $4100 OTD Thanks in advance

I would choose the '08, based on suspension and engine power (provided you change the exhaust. See: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=8607892#post8607892 ).

The '07 suspension is on the stiff side for many people compared with the '06 or '08, and the low end is a bit softer than a piped '08.

The prices seem pretty high, though.

Thanks for the input, These are brand new bikes. Does that make a differance on the price? What should I look to pay for one?

I understood them to be new. OTD prices vary from one state to the next due to differences in the tax and registration structures, but if the '07 is going for $4100, that makes the '08 $4900, and people have been selling '09's for from $5400 to less than 5K. $4900 isn't way out of line, but you might be able to do significantly better. Then again, if you think the dealer is the kind that will offer you good support after the sale, maybe you should go for it.

Ok thanks again I'll shop around some more. Sales taxs here is 6% so I think they said it was 270.00 for that, and then the setup and doc fees. But most dealers around here are charging that.

I find the 08 turns a lot better than the 07 due to many factors; it's like a night-day difference for me when both bikes are set up.

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