WR rear spring

:busted: I'm not sure if re-valving is necessary for an old fat fart like me. I do know the rear spring is a bit soft for this lazy seat rider. Stock is 5.5 and the recommended spring for my weight is 5.8. I weigh 230.


The front seems plenty stiff being USD and all. I'm not getting enough bite up front and cornering is some what an issue (again I'm a lazy seat rider), so I was thinking of going with a heavier spring on the rear only (do nothing to the front). Will this affect the bike behavior?

Being at a similar "sexy" weight as yourself, I can't imagine the front being too stiff. I found on the stock springs and valving that the front would skip sideways off of rocks and roots due to the forks being too far into the travel and the crappy valving locking up the forks and causing the sideways skipping. First you need to get the sag right so the bike is sitting properly and loading the front axle. A rear spring will help . but I'm thinking you need front springs and better valving as well to be a happy WR Rider. WR Dave

New springs and valving front and rear will make a world of difference.

Just putting on a stiffer spring will make some things better, some worse: the valving will be even farther off than stock.

Most definitely need heavier spring to achieve proper rear sag. Right now you're riding too far into the shock's progression.

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