are the 2000 yz426f and 2002 yz426f parts all iterchangable?

thinking i could buy another 426 and use mine as spare parts or swap the motor over. is the crank the same? i know the 2000 model had stainless valves.

are the valves for the yz426 and wr426 interchangable? i bought the 2000 yz426 stainless valves and im thinking about getting a wr426fn. may keep the valves if they would work in the wr426f. is the wr426fn the 2002 or 2001 model? the guy that has it wants 1900 for it. since i was going to buy a wr staor for the yz and dual sport it i figured why not just get the wr426f

99% of the parts are interchangeable. As I recall, the main differences are the stainless vs ti valves and the 2000 426 had a keyed counterbalancer shaft whereas the 2001 and 2002 had a splined cb shaft. Those are the two differences I'm aware of. There may be others.

01 and 02 are the wr426. Like Yz For Me said 99% of the parts are interchangeable, actually 100% but some parts may need others to go along with them more like a team of parts rather than individual. Same goes for YZ to WR interchangeability.

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