timing chain q four grey

i took my 08 yz 450 two the shop as last week i was practicing and my bike just lost power it didnt skip or smoke or bog just all of the sudden lost power so any ways the bike shop said my timing chain was 2 lose and it jumped timing the thing that got me was the guy working on it said he thinks he can put a new chain on it and it will bee fine as he didnt find any bent vavles my question is will a new timing chain match the old cam gears or should the cams be replaced two and if so witch aftermarket ones make the best upgrade from stock thanks in advance :busted:

I'm no Grey, but I'll put my $0.02 in.....

First, if the timing chain was loose, than the chain itself isn't the problem...it's the chain tensioner not doing its job in keeping the chain tight. It's very simple to change the chain (at least it was on the '05 model) and not very costly, however if you are worried that the cam gears took a beating, I would check the teeth on the crank (behind the stator) for any signs of abuse as well. The cam teeth wearing out??? No, I doubt it, but I've been wrong before. :busted:

Check the tensioner and crank side gear teeth, if it all checks ok, put 'er back together (with a new chain AND tensioner)....

:eek: well looks like i need more than a timing chain the mechnic said the nickel plating has worn off my cylinder and is in need off replating or a new cylinder :banana: guess ill b practicing on my 09 till the 2010 comes out cant take no money from that :banana::D idk maybe its time for a big bore kit two have something new till the 2010 gets here 2 hold me over :banghead::smirk: thanks for the help guys:thumbsup: :busted::thumbsup::banana: :banana: :banana:

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