Honda HP4 oil in 09 450?

Just recently got an 09 yz450 after riding honda's for 8 years. I always ran Honda HP4 oil in them. I picked up a few quarts of yamalube with the bike and am just about out of it. I have a few gallons of HP4 left, anybody have any experience with this oil in yamaha's since the tranny and motor oil arnt seperate? Thanks! :busted:

Years ago I ran HP4 in my street bike. Just ensure that it doesn't have friction modifiers in it and it's the proper weight for your bike. Avoid any oil that has "Energy Conserving" marked on it, as it will make your clutch slip. I would think anything Honda makes for bikes will be fine, but you bring up a good point about them separating the oils in the motor now. Follow the above advice and you'll be good.

As long as it isn't the Honda oil with moly that is designed for the engine side on the honda's.

Check the label. If it says JASO MB, don't use it.

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