OT: A pretty cool event...Like a tri-athalon

This weekend, in Wenatchee, WA, they are having the Ridge to River race. It is a competition that starts in a nordic ski area, and ends in the city of Wenatchee, with the competitors porting out of the Columbia River. The event has all kinds of categories, but the IRONMAN is the king.

Here are the events:

Nordic Ski - 3 miles, top of Mission Ridge (Cross-Country Skiing)

Alpine Ski/Snowboard - 2 miles, top of Mission Ridge to Lodge (Downhill)

Run - 4.5 miles, Mission Ridge Lodge to Squilchuck State Park

Bike - 19 miles, Squilchuck State Park to Wenatchee River Park

Canoe/Kayak - 9 miles, Wenatchee River Park to Riverfront Park

Portage/Sprint to finish - .5 mile, in Riverfront Park

Check out more Ridge to River

You could do this AND the Desert 100. :)

Brandon, AKA psycho...

I'm way to old and fat to even think this is rational. :)

KIDS!!! Sheesh!!! Just wait til that metabolizm slows down! :D:):D

You guys have fun...XR and I will be sitting here in the lawn chairs, with beers, watching the girls!!


I'll be taking no part in this event. I got suckered in to doing the cross-country skiing portion a couple of years ago, but I am much smarter now!

Will be riding in the Desert 100 on Sunday. Much more fun!

Ok....to hell with the lawn chair and the beers...Now I want to come play!! 100 miles you say?? sounds great!! lets go!!!


I guess "crazy" is a relative term.

The event that you should all come to is Apple Blossom!

Wenatchee has many orchards around it, and the big yearly festival is in celebration of the blossoms blooming on the trees.

Funnest part about the 3 day weekend is that the ladies are becomming very brazen about displaying thier "blossoms" as well!

City Council just passed a resolution "asking" local stores to remove the "beads" off the shelf, so that the young ladies will not be enticed to flash.

man, I been stocking up on those things for months!

Girls Gone Wild!

Oh yeah!


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