Please vote on this online pole concerning the Clinton Land Grab

Interior Secretary Gale Norton is sending letters out this week asking state officials for suggestions that could lead to opening up national monuments created by former President Clinton.

MSNBC is running a poll on whether such letters are justified. Please go to the address below and participate in this poll. It is vital that the voice of recreationists be heard on this important issue!

Make your vote count at:

Please vote as soon as possible. MSNBC often closes these polls after a very short time, and without notice.

Thank you!

BlueRibbon Coalition

P.S. If you want to get more involved, write to President Bush directly using the BlueRibbon Coalition "Rapid Response Resource Center" on the Blue Ribbon Coalition site Gale Norton and the Department of the Interior can also be reached through this site by selecting the "Elected Officials" button and clicking on the "Agency" text-link in the upper right portion of the frame.

Thanks Bryan! :)

The thing that scares me about some of this is that we want land opened for public use and ridding. But it looks like Bush wants it open for mining and drilling for oil. And they will probably still leave it closed to us.

Thanks Bryan, you are providing a great service to us. Done in 5 minutes, both the poll and letters to my 3 Congress people. It was very easy to navigate the website. Your automatic letter addressing to Congress is quick and effective.

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