anybody buy a wr426f lately??

my yz426f blew up and im thinking about getting a wr426f. there is only on for sale by me and he wants 1900 is that a good price? i would proboly try talking him down some though

If I'm not mistaken the year they went to the 426 in 2000 the WR got the 400 motor then they went straight to the 450. I wouldn't give over a grand for a heavy ass WR400. I'm jus sayin

wr426f made 2001 and 2002, the wr400f was the 2000 model

WR400 heavy?? Who you calling heavy ass!! It's all muscle lol

I love my 02 wr426 :busted:

does it have a key? i bought a key ignition from electron sport. may try to get it street legal. i called the guy with the wr426f and he said his price is nogotionable at 1900. really hoping i get this one. only bad thing is the guy is selling it for a friend over seas and hasnt even tried to start it. i wanna go look at and see what condition its in. it has a title. this looks like my only hope for a wr426f in ohio as its the only one i could find. crossing my fingers

I recently bought a 02 WR426 for $2200 in California. The bike is fully stock with minimal usage and near new condition. There's no boot rub on the frame yet. I am very happy with my wr426.

The price you buy will heavily depends on the condition of the bike. If it's clean and has not be abused then $1900 is a fair price.

how many years can i expect to get out of a wr426f? this is with proper matinece and parts replacement. cam chain, piston, valves possibly. how many more years do you think oem parts will be available? i have new stainless steel valves/springs i bought for a 2000 yz426f. would these fit in a 2001 wr426f. i wanting to keep the next bike i buy and dont mind working on it. kind of like working on them money permitting. not worried about having the lightest fastest bike, i just like to ride. also is it usally necessary to have the seats cut every time the valves are replaced?

You should be able to get many trouble free years out of a properly maintaned WR426. I have owned mine since new and it still has not even needed a valve adjustment. Look for a clean bike that hasn't been abused and you should be fine.

i could only find one at a good price near me. the other one i found was for3300 and that guy is out of his mind at that price. there is a wr400f for 1000 2hrs away for me but thats a 4hr trip there and back. the only scary thing about the deal i found was that he is from another country and he says the bike has been sitting for 6months. he was planning on shipping it out of the country as a present. dont even know if this guy knows how to start it. he says it works and looks to be in good condition. i just wish there were more for sale near me. would the gas go bad after six months sitting. i asked him to drain gas and try to start it for me before i drive an hour to check it out

I ride every weekend but there is this one guy who hooks up with me to ride a couple times a year and he has the worst maintained `02 wr426 you have ever seen I mean total lack of respect for a dirt bike but that bike runs like a champ and has never held us up , and starts every kick . I did check the valves for him once and they were still good . Yamaha :busted:

hopefully ill get one soon. does gas go bad in a tank after 6 months. do you guys replace your timming chain often? does the wr426f have the same pull as the yz426f? my yz426f could pull a wheelie in the first three gears by just twisting the throtle and climb a mountain if needed

trying to make a deal with this guy with a 2001 wr426f. here is a picture of it.


From that picture, the bike looks to have original tires, and original stock ("butter") bar. I would guess its pretty much stock everything else too. What's up with the clutch and brake levers? It is hard to tell, but it appears that the plastic air dam on the radiator has a slight "wiggle" to it, and may indicate a bent radiator.

If you look at in person I would also check out the swing arm under the chain slider. It was poorly designed and fit loosely. Because of the loose fit, it would rattle around and wear against the swingarm. It is easily fixed with a cut piece of foam, innertube or whatever to take up the poor fit, and protect the swingarm.

Yes, gas goes bad after 6 months, at least I sure won't use it.

The WR426 is a super reliable bike (same as the YZ) and after 8 years, with an average of less than 1000 miles a year, the valves in my 01 are still perfectly in spec.

The WR will require the "free mods" at minimum to make it pull anything like the YZ. The bike was choked up so badly to meet EPA emissions it absolutely sucked out of the box. With the free mods, you basically have a YZ with lights, a wider ratio transmission, coolant reservoir, and a bigger gas tank. And yes, it will still try and rip your arms out of the sockets when set up properly.

Do yourself a favor though, and put your YZ tank and seat on the WR to allow you get farther forward while turning.

yeah that clutch lever looks like a problem. its proboly a good thing if it still has stock tires isnt it? im selling my dead yz426f to a guy thats going to part it out hopefully for 800, mabye ill try to steal my levers off it and bark busters. also i have another question about my title for my yz426f. it is a street title i never switched over to my name. does it need to be in my name for the other guy to be able to change it to his name or can i just write him a bill of sale and he will be good to go??????????

If your going to part the YZ anyway, why don't you keep it and do it yourself? I bet the guy will make well over $800, probably closer to $1800, or even more. There are sooooo many parts that will sell well for decent money its always more efficient to part a bike than sell it whole.

dont want to mess with it. too much of a hassle. i think im going to try to but that wr426f. ill just take off my clutch lever and brake lever before i sell my yz426f. if i get it i will replace the timming chain and check the valves rifgt away.

i think ill start my offer at 1500 and then mabye go too 1700 max unless it looks realy good. he said the gas had been drained out already.

is this an aftermarket pipe?


Stock pipe....with the silent insert removed. She is LOUD uncorked - but a beast.

By the looks of the rear swingarm -- it hasn't been layed down "that" many times.... side engine covers don't have that much boot scratching of the paint. Also looks like the frame has some near perfect paint where the boot would normally rub.

The yellowing of the decal on the tank is 100% normal -- and just about every 426 you'll see has that.

Paid $2,000 for mine 3 months ago in Michigan. He was asking $2,200.... without a street legal title.

---- she's now titled though.

As far as your old title..... yeah --- the secetary of state gets mad, because even though you don't plate your bike.... you're still suppose to register it. (in other words....they want to pay sales tax on a used bike no matter what) But, they can't do anything about it.

Make sure you have a bill of sale ----- and the title is properly signed off on..... it doesn't need to be in your name. You can jump ownership.

Though -- they don't like it when you do it. I got lectured with mine....

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