anybody buy a wr426f lately??

is it missing a mount for the butter bar? i took the levers off my bike and bark busters for this bike i will hopefully pick up this weekend

Lol, I was calling the stock bar a "butter bar", it's so cheap it bends like a stick of butter.

i thought you meant the pad around the handle bars. it has a mont on it to hold it on my yz426f and this bike only has one mount on the bar and not two mounts. one for each side. this guy said the bike has been sitting for 6 months and he never started it after he bought it. the gas is drained and he was going to ship it over seas but it cost to much. i asked he to see if it runs he hasnt tried yet though. cant look at it this weekend either he is away on a trip. there is one other guy intrested he says so i want to be the first to see it. a guy is buying my yz426f 2-morrow. the frame doest even look to have boot marks. i bet this thing is bone stock. if it runs and rides good ill buy it. he will take 1650 for it.

never mind i think my bars are after market thats why they had mounts. that pad just wraps around the butter bar lol :busted: on this wr426f

talked the guy with the 2001 wr426f down to 1650. that sounds good to me what do you guys say? going to go look at it tuesday i think. i sold my yz426f today for 750. i took the bark busters and levers off before i sold it . both brakes and clutch lever.

i can buy another 2002 yz426f for a grand that is in good running condition!! man prices just keep dropin. its a buyers market for sure and a sellers nightmare

I just sold my street plated 2001 WR426 for $2700.00 2 weeks ago. But I'm in CA and plates are scarce.

That bike looks way more virgin than mine did. You'll be good to go for at least 5 years, but check the valves before you beat on it.

cool im going to do everything i can to get to this one and buy it. its the only wr426f by me for sale. what kit or parts did you put on your wr426f to get it street legal? want to do it as cheap as possibly

I just purchased a 2002 here in Colorado last week for $2,000 and feel I got a great deal, he was asking $2,400. A fantastic bike. I looked for 6 months to find a clean one and for that price. I think that is a steal for $1,650. good luck getting it.

yeah it looks clean but its been sitting six months or so. the guy that owns it never even rode it at all. he was going to ship it over seas as present he wanted 1900 but he will take 1650. i think that this bike will be a great bike. is it hard to get a bike running after six months or do they usally start right up? the gas has been drained from the tank.

bought it for 1600. only thing bad about it is that i had to kick it about 100 times to start it. is that normal for a bike that has been sitting for six months? it also had a small leak in a gas hose but not a big deal. it sarted easy after i got it going it running. what should i do besides change the oil and cam chain before i give it some good use? should i replace the coolant? does the wr426f have the same susspension as the yz426f? mine is a little soft. going to clean it good and replace the gas hose, cam chain, and oil. any one know where to get a cheap rear tire?

just took that thing around the block. its pretty quick and the head light works good. is there a mod that gives thing more power? would the grey wire mod ive heard of change my power at all? it has good power but i cant seem to get it to lift me up in to a wheelie like i could easily do on the yz. would any mod solve this? thanks any advice would be great before i start to hit the trails.

only thing bad about it is that i had to kick it about 100 times to start it. is that normal for a bike that has been sitting for six months?

Only if you didn't drain the float bowl and empty the gas tank.

I have a pair of 01 WR426's I bought 8 years ago. They stay in the stable in the back of my shop and only get broke out once a year for the Garrett Berg Memorial race. This kids talent and mechanical aptitude was well ahead of his age and his family is incredibly awesome. We were in the learning curve of four stroke performance then. You should check out his website on this board for some great performance increasing insight on your new scooter.

I've never had the heart to sell them even though I've purchased at least 4 new bikes since then.

I broke them out this afternoon and had both running in a dozen kicks. I forgot just how fast they were for being such heavy bikes.

Todays ride was more enjoyable than any of my recent rides on my 05 CRF450 or my 07 YZ450. I'm sure it was also due to a lot of reminiscing during my son's and my ride.

Your sure to love your new ride.

Congrats on your purchase!!!

See ya,


the gas was drained from tank but dont know about the float. i ordered a cam chain and a hose that was leaking. i thought this thing would lift the tire off the ground easy but it seems it needs a little something. could it be that it is a little wet out and the back tire is about 50%? didnt feel like i was sliding the back tire though. does the grey wire mod give it more power? i was out changing the clutch lever because it was bent and now the clutch has no tension. how do i get it to tighten up? mabye i put it on wrong, but i think its on properly but it just need tightened. huskyrider do you replace your cam chain frequently or have you ever done it at all? also is it normal from oil to drip from a breather hose after i ride? it gave off 10 drops or so then stopped.


Your first and most powerful upgrade is to pull the buttplug on the muffler and replacing the throttle stop with one from a YZ426 or cutting the original one down. You'd have to search 'cause I don't remember how long we cut them down to.

The second biggest return was from changing them to YZ cam timing, rejetting the carb, and performing the BK accelerator pump carb modification. I used an EJQ needle but I don't remember my jets sizes. I want to say it was 3rd clip with a 168 and a 48.

The third biggest return was stepping up 2 teeth on the rear sprocket, I lost first gear which, IMO, was totally unusable anyway, I lost top end I never use. But my 2nd to 5th gears were much more responsive for me.

Don't be fooled, these bikes are still quick even by todays standards.

See ya,


i took off the clutch lever and put on a yz426f clutch lever and it has no tension. when i pull it though it seems to be engauging the clutch. do you know how i can tighten it up?

If I'm not mistaken the year they went to the 426 in 2000 the WR got the 400 motor then they went straight to the 450. I wouldn't give over a grand for a heavy ass WR400. I'm jus sayin

What!? :busted:

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