Softer Seat Foam

Does anyone know of a company that makes softer seat foam for my '98 YZ400 seat than the original equipment foam? I'm looking for foam that is the same dimensions as the original seat foam, just softer.


Paul in AZ

I think both Guts Racing and Ceet make replacement foam. As far as being "softer" I don't know, there isn't enough "depth" to the stock foam to make a real soft seat. I've handled the Guts foam and I didn't think it was "soft", more supportive. Awhile back a guy was commenting that he thought the Ceet foam was TOO soft. Check awhile back in the list, I think the topic was "Softer Seat" and/or "Tall Foam".


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Thanks Chris, I'll check this out!

Hey Wilson!

I ride WR but I do know that Factory Effex makes a softer YZ seat...

Hope it helps!

JJ in WA

I usually ride a full day (weekends) in the

national forest. Serious monkey butt.

Ya, I know, I sit too much.

I've been considering the taller seat foam

and seat cover from Baja designs.

Anybody tried it?

Any other suggestions?

I'll look into the Factory Effex too.


'99 yz400

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