Texas Creek, CO: As Good As It Gets ?

My buddy and I had to pass tomorrow on a 4 day Moab ride with the homies (needs of the business, etc., etc.). :D

We are looking for somewhere Saturday to ride <2 hours from Denver that a.) is not Pueblo, b.) has less than 1 foot of snow (Rampart) and, c.) doesn't go in circles (Watkins, Thunder Alley, Johnston).

We thought about Texas Creek but never been there. Is it worth the trip, or is it just Pueblo with trees ? Any comments ? :)

I've never been there, my understanding is that the riding is excellent but biased towards the expert...which explains why I've never been there.

Haven't been to Texas Creek yet. Met several people that have. Supposed to be lots of fun but more expert area. Summit, in the Springs sells a map of the area. :)

Texas Creek is definitely different than Pueblo. I've been spending almost every weekend done there until Divide opens up again. There is a variety of terrian from expert level to easy cruising runs. There is not a ton of trails like Rampart or Divide but it can be fun. There was some snow at the highest elevations last weekend, but it does melt of very quickly. The elevation ranges from about 6800ft at the parking area to about 9000ft at the most. I think we are heading down there again on Sunday morning.

Good Luck,


Curt. Thanks for the review. Look like TC is a go.

Perhaps I'll see you guys down there, hoping to make it Sunday as well.

I'm trying to get down there tomorrow. If I make it, I'll post a report for you guys. have fun :)

Hmmmmm....how long is the drive from Denver? Maybe I will drag the family down on sunday. I know they are tired of going in circles.


I think it's around 1:30-1:45 from my house on the south side of Colorado Springs. I'll be in a green GMC pickup, hope to see you there!

Just make sure you have your OHV sticker or paperwork. They have been checking down there lately and have giving out tickets. I think we'll be down there again with the big red flat bed behind a Dodge.


Endozen. Will be there Saturday AM. Driving a sand colored Escalade with bumper rack. Don't be a stranger, come and say howdy ! :)

Yo Colorado Riders,

Get your OHV sticker NOW!!!! You can do it on the internet, or at the local dealer. Both give you temps to carry, which you should. Saves you 50 bones and may not be able to ride depending on the officer.....It may just be a nasty rumor, but I hear the OHV stickers are increasing in price next year, so the 15.25 seems like a good deal, and if you got them and have to use Search and Rescue in CO, you won't have to pay (they can bill you for time and equipment if you don't have hunting/fishing license or OHV tags..

Ride like hell, my bikes are in Cali on the pier today....

Didn't make it down to Texas Creek this weekend, how was the riding? I was driving through Divide on Sat, figured I'd go check out the woods. They looked very do-able, so went back Sunday. Tried the trails headed east from Manchester creek, still had major snow/ice in spots. Plus the resident idiot atv'ers were there in force, blasting on fireroads giving their kids rides, with no helmets of course.

Divide is open??? I didn't expect them to open it up for a long time.

A limited portion of the system was re-opened last fall. Heard word the forest service was trying to get everything organized to open the unaffected areas soon, won't be soon enough though. Because there is a very limited area open, all the atv's are in that area, not alot of fun for bikers.

Riding was all good. The new Bull Gulch single track was short, but muddy, rocky and fun. :D

There's a new trail up Reese Gulch beyond Tucker Trail to the right that connects to Texas Gulch. Traction was an on/off issue there as the last 10 minutes of riding that trail slammed my WR450 into a scrub pine and twisted the forks. Nobody saw me do it so I can make up a good story. The real reason was middle-age fatigue :D

Ranger precense was high :D since there were some ATV guys packing heat and firing off rounds. :)

When I go there again I'm disappearing into the expert areas to avoid the general crowd. We went as far north as we could (Long Gulch) and I could see Highway 9 off in the distance. Is it possible to reach that road and find some more trails ? :D

When I was there last summer, we tried to find some trails that were on an old map I had. We followed this monster downhill headed North from the northernmost road, and it led to more trails that took us further north yet. We came back out onto that main northern road via tough jeep road that was posted at the top. I'll have to look for the names of these roads on my map at home. I was actually able to hit the throttle stop on some of those hills!

Yeah, take a look at that map. Let us know. Is the northern most road overlooking Antelope Gulch ? I wish I had an old map of that area. Either we were lost (naw, we weren't out of gas) or there are lots of trails not on the 1999 map we got at the gas station.

Thanks for all the updates. I thought it was just me that didn't care for the company of atver's. High Plains, hope you're alright :)

Could one of you guys tell me where Texas Creek is :) I'm coming from Westminster. I too am getting TIRED :snore:of going in cicles. Like to hit some diffrent terrain :D


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