Texas Creek, CO: As Good As It Gets ?


How does your map compare to the Thundertrail Navagation

maps of that area? (http://www.thundertrail.com/texas.htm)

Link has directions to TC as well...


Not sure Merf, couldn't open the map at Thundertrail, guess they want you to buy it or something! I'll post the specifics on those roads/trails tomorrow hopefully.

Yes, Highplains, the road does overlook Antelope Gulch. We were actually able to ride trails at the bottom of the gulch, and there was one that meandered north to an impressive overlook.

Merf, the map I have was made by Colorado ATV. I'd like to compare that to the Thundertrail map you have, perhaps we could check them out at Kachina?

Righto! I'll try to remember to bring the maps..


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