RacerX 2010 450 Review!

Thanks for the link.

Very positive write up, but I'm still concerned about the weight. Hopefully, the change in CG (lower and farther back) will make the bike truly feel like a 250f.

Me, too. I felt the 08/09 was the most 250F-esque of any 450F I've ever ridden. I remember my first ride on the 08; I stopped to make sure I didn't jump on the 08 250F we had along (yeah, part of that was the docile nature of the stock exhaust...).

From what little I read on the RX review regarding the low and mid prowess, I hope the new model isn't going to be labled "slow with no top end" by the pros who ride it stock. Maybe an exhaust will liven it up ala the 08/09.

I still think Cannondale needs to be recognized for their attempt at this reversed mounted engine....the author makes it out that NO manufacturer has ever done this before, which is obviously untrue.

Great bike, can't wait to see it in person and watch it run!!

You guys worried about the weight need to get over yourselves.

That review is worthless......

That review is worthless......


front end looks really light.

transworld did a very nice job with theirs, much better.

That bike looks like it has no problems in the corners.

I like the low to mid range comments and the way this thing should rail corners once the rider gets the technique down. And finally larger/wider pegs(yes they do make a difference) and a flat seat that is hopefully the end of the camel hump seat that comes on every 06-09(one of the reasons they don't corner/handle that great). The Top end issues probably will be fixed with new aftermarket exhaust.

Looks great keep the test/reviews coming.....

Yea I have a blue one on order now! Going back to my roots! I need a fresh start.

One maufacturer has built a reverse engine before

20 years ago...


Cannondale did not reverse mount the engine, only the head. They were a very long way from being the first one to do that, too. They were also not the first dirt bike with an aluminum frame, nor the first FI dirt bike. The only thing Cannondale should be recognized for as to the MX440 is for making an exceptionally poor business decision in choosing an overweight motorcycle with so many off-the-template oddities incorporated into it, built by a relatively unknown (as far as the US MC market goes) European company as the first motorcycle built and offered for sale by a bicycle company. If they had done something a little less unconventional, they might still be in the MC business today.

yamaha released a reverse barrell TZ 250 grand prix bike in 1987 .It was known as the tz250 w.It worked well due to cold air intakes and dead straight chambers.The bike worked so well that they later released it as a road going bike the TZR.(p.s)its a presision job building pianos too,.So I will keep my fingers crossed that they follow suit and release a wr450 reverse next year .Until then my money is staying in the bank and the old wr400 will live on for amother year or so .

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