Looking for used stock XR100 cylinder head.

Hey Everyone,

New to the forum, been lurking for a while. Have been on the pavement side of things for a while and have recently found my way back to the dirt.

I have a friend who has also joined me and recently picked up a 2000 XR100R for his son. It was smoking badly so we pulled the motor yesterday and tore the top end off. The head is trashed and it needs a new piston, rings and fresh bore.

I've searched the internet and haven't been able to find a good source for Honda XR 100 used parts.

We'd like to keep the cost down on the repair so we're looking for a used head in decent condition or one that could be repaired without to much work or expense.

Was wondering if anyone here might have one or be able to point me in the right direction.




Ebay is your best opition IMO

Good Heads are hard to come by cheep! Plan on spending $100-150

what he said ^

any used head i buy i put new seal(s) in it and give it a valve job before putting it on . nothing worse putting it on and having to take it back off.

You can find a NEW head for the same price as a used head. You just need to google various discount OEM dealers. I've seen used head go for as high as $180 on ebay, but last time I looked you can buy a new head for around $150 and put in your valves, springs, seals, etc. The ticket on ebay is when the sell the cam tower and stuff with it. That makes it worth the money. Just make sure they have a clear and big picture of the cam journals.

Thanks guys,

I think we've decided to go new and use whatever parts we can from the old head. Best price I found so far is from Service Honda for $178.00. Of course we'll need a new cam and tower as well so the total parts bill will be more. I'm getting a complete parts list together now.

It's interesting that they sell the head and tower separately. I wish it wasn't that way because I thought those pieces were lime bored together and were sold as a set. It will be interesting to see what the cam feels like in there and what the plastic gauge numbers are on the new parts.

The first one I found on google was $166. I have a cheap dealer on my home computer, I'll post it later tonite.

I found one for $156.89. It was the late model head.


Hmmm... interesting, I see what you are talking about. Checked on the Service Honda site and the same thing happens, the 2008 CRF100 head is less expensive.

Do you know if they are the same? It looks the same.

The later heads have two valve guide seals, which is better.

The later heads have two valve guide seals, which is better.

I've cross referanced a few different part numbers and it looks like the cam and valves are the same so thanks for the tip. Later model, improved head for less :thumbsup::busted:

Of course by the time you factor in shipping might as well buy from local dealer! Mine matches any online price too. 'nutcase

Of course by the time you factor in shipping might as well buy from local dealer! Mine matches any online price too. 'nutcase

Usually the money you save on tax will offset the shipping. Plus it's delivered to your door. Heck I would pay someone $10 to go down and order it and pick it up for me, especially if it's more than half hour away or 100 degrees outside. But I always wait until I have a bunch of things to order and I usually stock up on clutch, base, and center gaskets when I place an online order.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Update - the further we got into it the motor the more we realized it was just toast, it would have been more in parts and labor than it was to buy a motor off ebay.

We got a solid motor for $600 with a $150 core rebate.

Only problem was the guy who we brought it from was an absolute idot and didn't know how to pack for shipping and when we got it one of the fins was damaged. The guy wouldn't do anything to make it right, especially after UPS told him no to his claim as he didn't use a box with the correct burst strength.

I've shipped many motors over the years and was blown away by the way this guy packed this motor.

Anyways, we wanted to send it back but my buddy's son was dying to ride so we ended up keeping it.

The motor is a good motor but it just pisses you off when you pay for one thing and get something else.

We never sent the core for the $150 rebate so it also ended up costing more than planned. Oh, well....motor $600, smile on your son's face - priceless :ride:

Thanks again guys, now it's time to tear down my 80, my daughter has been riding it and it was gett'n a little tired at the end of last season.

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