new 426

Hey boys,

I am picking up my new YZ426 on Friday! It seems like this discussion forum is very handy. Comming off of my old CR500 I hope this bike is what everyone tells me it is...

Just one quick question, has there been any tied and true procedure with the jetting combo after the stock baffle has been removed? I plan on doing so, after break in and did not find any on the archives.

Thanks in advance

Congrats on the new scoot, I would be going crazy about now. On the baffle thing, the wr has the baffle, the YZ is a free flowing unit. So just run that beast.

Thanks Jason,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Three more days until paradise!!

Best to start of with a decent aftermarket chain from the beginning (saves purchasing one set of sprockets)


00' 426

Make sure you change the oil & filter in that pig after the first couple of hours! Don't let the huge metal flakes scare ya. Mine still runs and it looked like half the bottom end was stuck in my oil filter! Oh yeah, if you're a fairly agressive rider keep your eye on the spokes, they like to pull through the rim! Lets see, what else...........Pick up a new chain and sprockets when you pick up your bike. Other than that it's a pretty tight bike. Have fun

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