wr400 TPS setting (low to midrange miss)

OK, I checked my TPS unpluged and it read 5 ohms. Plugged it back in and checked it and it was WAY to high at about 1250 ohms. I adjusted it down to 750 ohms as that should be on the high side of the acceptible range. (had to turn it all the way on direction to get it down that low). It did move the miss the motor has alot lower in the RPM range but it is still there. To my amazement they bike has more low and mid range power. I still need to do the gray wire mod and install a new plug at the same time as the tank will be off. Is there anything else i can do to help the engine miss at really low to mid RPM's while holding the throttle steady, like riding down the road doing a steady 25-35 mph? Im guessing on the speed. I am also going to do the cam timing mod soon too. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks

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