Enough already!

I suggest that the next person that mentions 'Cannondale' receives a lifetime ban. :banana::busted::thumbsup:

You know by saying that you will get flooded with that comment.

My Cannondale mountain bike is sweet! :busted:

Wiz, if the pressure becomes just too much to bear, please remember your good buddy cowboyona426 and sign the title over to me before you jump. I'll see to it that it has a good home and is allowed to live the rest of its life in a fitting manner.

I agree with Wiz everyone knows Cannondale's were and are a POS and really have nothing to do with the 2010.

I own a Cannondale. It's a road racing tandem, and an awesome machine. I also own a carbon fiber Peugeot solo road bike, which is also an inspiring ride. Both companies would have been well served not to have ventured outside of bicycle manufacture, however.

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