Hand guards/Chain

Hi Guys,

Picking up my bike in 2 days!! I just want to start out on the right foot. I have been riding for almost 25 years and this will be my first brand new Dirt bike, I have fixed alot of "previous owner's mistakes" and do not want to create any of my own...... Thanks to you guys, I already plan on picking up a new chain along with my bike, any suggestions? And the other question I have is on Hand Guards....... There are so many types. I plan on switching to Pro-tapers after the stock ones go to crap. I have been teeder-toddering from plastic, to aluminum. I currently run a set of UFO plastic guards on my CR500, but can not find them anywhere. My feelings on aluminum are that they might get bent up, while plastic will probably flex. I guess I would need to find a set that the manufacture also sells an adaptet kit for Pro-tapers. Any adivse will be very appreciated. Thanks.

Sounds like you have most everything figured out except for the handgaurds. I have personally never seen a pair of alumminum handgaurds bend much less break. I usually just buy the cheapest pair out there. They are all made out of the same bar stock aluminum. I have had the plastic wrap around kind made by acerbis break on me before and will not buy them again. Hit a solid tree head on with them doing about 30 mph and you might experiance what I did. It's not fun!! I do really like the extra wide protection of the acerbis gaurds though. So what I do is buy the Maier plastic bolt on shields for the Maier aluminum handgaurds. Similar to what scott summers uses. Extra wide protection from dirt and flying rocks and the toughness of the aluminum bars all in one shot.

Tim, I have some parts you might be interested in.

- Acerbis hand guards black in color, the hard plastic kind that mount to the inner bar and outer end of the handlebars, mounting hardware is metal, still in good condition, $30 set.

- Terrycable 6 and 8 ounce flywheel weights $30 each. I do not have the tools to install them or mounting hardware.

Shipping extra.

Paul in AZ



I like the Acerbis Rally Pro handguards. Plastic AND Aluminum. Best of both worlds. My bike has taken some pretty good tumbles on the sides of hills lately and I havent lost a lever yet.


Mike Hetrick

'00 426

'99 Ducati Monster

'73 Kawasaki H1

Try the DID X-ring chain, some guys on the WR side talked me into one. It's all I'll run now.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

mate had a KDX with alloy bark-buster.. hand a good spill and bent them (clutch side).. clutch lever gets caught and slips..



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Rubber Chicken Racing

I guess the survey days there is not a perfect bark buster combination. I can belive someone got the alloy bars to bend. Glad I wasnt part of that wreak. The Acerbis guards with the built in alloy does sound interesting. Maybe sometime I will check them out.

Happy Riding guys!!

I've run a DID VM X-ring for four months.

Clean it at the end of the day with Moose

Chain scrubber. And then lube with BelRay

Super Clean.

Zero stretch. Looks brand new.

Got it from Rocky Mountain.


'99 yz400

I'm putting on a DID 520 ERT chain today or tomorrow. I mostly ride motocross type stuff, so elected to go with this for the light weight and price, although the x-ring is only ounces more. I've heard it's the best non o-ring chain and that it lasts a long time. Got a good price too, $55, also from Rocky Mountain. I've only heard good things about DID chains.


Why did you chose that chain?? Non oring..

Thats what the YZ400F come out with stock..

Mine lasted about 3 rides before it was throw away material.

I brought a $100nz ($50us) DID oring and its still in good nick after 6 months of abuse.



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Rubber Chicken Racing


I know the YZ does not come stock with a DID ERT chain and I've heard that this chain lasts a very long time. I really don't ride in wet conditions either so I thought I would try it. Maybe in a few months I'll wish I would have gone with an o-ring chain, but hey this one looks nice. We'll see what happens. I'll post again after I've had time to evaluate it.

Ok.. must have my wires crossed.

Mine when i brought it new had a DID Gold Roller chain on it..

Can't remember if it was old coloured though!!

But it didn't last 5 mins..

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