Fork Seals

My right fork seal started leaking this past weekend, seems a bit soon but I guess its time to replace them. For those who have done this would you care to share any tip, tricks, or things to look out for?

:) <--this guy cracks me up everytime I see it, reminds me of how I feel when I am riding!

:D <-- this is how I feel about the possibility of not having to change the fork seals! Thanks for the link :)

Dirt is the main culprit for seals leaking pre-maturaly. That link to cleaning them sounds interesting, I have never tried that but will the next time mine leak. You may want to look into Seal Savers I have them on my bike and I should note that you should clean under them when you wash your bike from a muddy ride. I just use the garden hose on them. But I believe they offer a second line of protection in addition to the dust cover. I have changed the seals on inverted forks many times. Use wax paper over the end of the fork tube when you slide the new seal on so that you do not damage the lip of the new seal. I made my own seal installer to press the new seal into its seat. I took a piece of pcv pipe that is just larger than the fork tube diameter and cut it to have two prongs on the opposite side of each other. With a hammer you tap on the installer on each side and the prongs press the seal down into the seat without damage. Just follow the manual steps in filling with oil and keeping the air our.

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