What price is everyone getting on the 2010 450

I bought the 2nd one coming into the dealership and they said December. I think they get the 1st one in October.

yeah my dealer just told me dec!!

Can you two change your avatar pics?


the lovely and helpful salesman at chapparall said 10000-10500 otd what a deal!!! Gettin mine in or for 7430 yeah baby!

If thats what their trying to sell them to guys that walk in off the street(and you know somebody's going to pay it)what does that say about a business? You can understand maybe starting a little high with all the bloody hype but come on, their just hanging a sign at their front door telling you to unzip your pants because their going to bend you over.:busted: I refuse to deal at places that cant give you a fair deal without dickering, thats what the damn flea market is for. Best price up front or walk. Shops that will gouge like that shouldnt be in business.

13000 USD here in Sweden!

Keep posting the out of US prices and we will not feel that bad here in Tx.

Texas dealers do tend to be high - no wonder so many folks walk across the state line not only to save sales tax, but all the other add-ons too.

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