Looking at buying an 08 YZ450.

Well, I ended up getting a full Jardine system off eBay for $175, should be here in a week or two...I have all my graphics n stuff done, and I'll add pics to my garage soon. Thanks so much for all your help guys, much appreciated :busted:

$175 for a full system? wow, that's a steal, even used it would be a smokin deal. Let us know how you like it. Which jardine system was it?

It's an SS Jardine RT-5 with a spark arrestor. It was totally a steal...I was going to buy it for a buy it now price of $349.99, but I just set up an auto bid on eBay, and I guess nobody else was interested, so I got it for $175...blew my mind when I seen it. I set my max bit for $300, and it never even came close...LOVE eBay!!

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