Frame guards Welding?!?!?!

Hey guys,

I thought I seen someone on the list with the Works connectioin Frame guards and skid plate. On thier web page they mention some welding might be nessisary. Is this true on the YZ426? Any advice on another brand would be much appreciated also!!



I have the works connection frame guards on my 99 yz 400 and there is absolutely no need for welding. Everything bolts up very quick and easy.

Thanks alot, I feel much better! Do you like them? Do they protect much?

Thanks again


I think the guards your talking about were called case savers and they were welded to the lower frame tubes to protect the cases. My friend had some and they look only as good as one can weld. His looked like crap and then you have to completely paint the frame for them to look good.

Yes I like them and they work well if you are looking to save your paint. However they were on my bike when I bought it and that is probably the only reason they are their. I feel bikes are made to be used and a little wore paint wont kill me. But since they were already there I couldnt be any happier.

I just recieved my Works connection Frame guards from Chaparral........ They are for a YZ400f and will not fit a YZ426. I called numerous places to try to find them, and they were the only place I found that "claimed" they had them in stock. Now I know why, they do not fit. It even says on the invoice that it will not fit a 426, they sales person obviously was not paying attention when I was inquiring about them..... Does anyone know where I can pick up a pair for the 426? Thanks!!

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