I Was There... 2010 YZ450F Launch

Watched your 2010 450F in action yesterday at the "world wide launch". Yamaha rented an entire east coast track for a few days and brought in all the major magazine guys. They had about a dozen of the bikes in action (white and blue). They let me hang out and watch for about 5 hours. Got to see all the bikes up close, watch all the guys ride, etc. I think you'll be pleased with the machine. Highlight for me was watching Dubach hold off Lutes and Trickle for about 6 laps. They make it look so easy. Also noted that Ron Lawson (Dirt Bike) can ride really well and does a super nice whip. It was funny to hear the major mag guys talk about the bikes and discuss whom back at the "office" would "get to keep it".

Thanks to the track owner (super nice guy) and Yamaha for letting me watch.:busted:

Cool! Any pics?

No pics. I didnt want to abuse it or be intrusive. Its not everyday that you get to attend a major platform roll-out. I was on business travel (completely unrelated) and arranged to drive by this track just to see it. I was shocked to find the gate wide open and all the Yamaha fan fare - full factory 18 wheeler, tents, track banners, multiple box trucks, currier vans, tailgate style cookout, dining area, on site medical crew, nothing left undone. Yamaha did a real nice job. They had the 12 or so bikes to ride, some with the various major Magazine stickers on them, some dedicated to the Yamaha factory test guys and two on display - one with factory mods and the other stock with the seat and tank up so you could look down at the new engine and get good pics of the new motor, EFI, ehaust, etc. No other spectators were present. Just me, a random Vet C guy happened to be driving past so they let me hang and I stayed out of their way. Ron Lawson drove up and parked next to me after more than a dozen laps and I complimented him on his whip. It was a great overall experience.

very cool. that wouldve been something to see. awesome! im surprised more randoms werent there tryin to hang out tho

Cool! Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Nice work!

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