Valve Clearance Q yes i searched haha

Anyone know how far you can go down in shims before you need new valves? 4 of 5 valves were tight in the yz i just got (Got hosed on this deal bikes a junker) all intakes way tight and one exhaust tight. Exhaust shim was 182 and two of three intakes were also 182 and one was 190. Am I safe shimming them back into clearance they are all way tight. Thinking of putting the 182 in the 190 slot and getting 175's for the 182 slots. That would put them all in spec is that too small though?

Thanks, Matt.

When you have installed a shim in any valve that is 2 or 3 sizes smaller than the one it originally came with, and when the valve clearance will not stay adjusted more than 5 or 6 hours, it's time to replace that valve.

So then going from a 182 to 179 even would require a new valve?

So then I definitly need fresh valves if I need to drop them that much.

If it moves that much and keeps closing up, yes.

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