Royal Purple or Amsoil

Im using Amsoil in my 2007 YZ450 now does anyone have an opinion on wich is the better oil between Amsoil and Royal Puple?

I woulnt run a full synthetic in the first place in any "race style bike" it cuts down on the cluch life and people think it lasts sooooo much longer.. wrong

best of with a blend for the best of both worlds and its cheeper so you change it more. and thats the bigest factor in the life of the engein. I run blend in the 450wr, 450yz, R6, only in my 450 kodiak 4x4 do i run full synthic Amsoil


There is no comparison between a really solid, durable oil like Amsoil MCF or Mobil 1 Racing 4T and Royal Purple. RP simply doesn't hold up.

full syn is fine as long as there is no mollybendium (sp)

All good premium oils contain molybdenum. Moly in and of itself is not a problem. There are dozens of moly compounds used as boundary lubricants ("anti-wear" compounds) in oils meeting JASO MA wet clutch compatibility standards. Only oils labeled JASO MB or API ECII present a potential hazard.

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