newbie need help with this wr 450 2006 plz

hi i just get a wr 450 and i done most of all the free mod .i have a dyna fs cdi .ais removal kit .kn n filter .air box close but snorkel remove .07 pipe .stock header.oversize radiator .boyesen impeler and cover .main jet 168 pilot jet 48 .gytr needle.all of this was workin good a day after changin my spark plug i use a cr9e ,wanted to run cooler cause i ridin on the street i forget to mention my riding .i have super moterd rims and i runin all day long on the streeet when i m not working .anyway i went back to cr8e thinkin dat was the problem .i have a lil hesitation on the bottom end .a lil bog at low speed .i from the carribean i sorry for the broken english lol thanks to y all:thumbsup: :busted:

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