WR400 timing mark H or I? Exh coming out of oil tank

First time checking valves on a 4t and thought I would go with the YZ timing on my old WR400. Service manual says to line up "I" on flywheel with sight window hashmarks for TDC while Thumper Talk how to on YZ timing says to find TDC by aligning "H" mark on flywheel with sight window hashmarks.http://www.thumperfaq.com/images/wr2yz.jpg

Anyway I lined up with the "I" and rotated the exhuast cam 1 tooth clockwise to give 12 pins for the YZ timing between exhaust put it back together with some fresh oil started up the bike and it seems I have exhaust coming out of the oil tank or possibly I overfilled the oil or something and it just vapor but my gut is saying exhaust. What did I do wrong?

Hmm diddn't see a way to delete thread under edit.

Figured it out the cause as I lay in bed. I had adjusted my decompression lever all the way in earlier on in this project (due to confusion over the TDC mark )and it was holding exh valve open. Got up went out to the garage adjusted it the decomp back out and started it up and no more exh in oil......Yea know I can sleep.

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