YFZ Quad Cam work in WR 426?

I have a 2002 Wr 426 and want to do the auto decompression mod. I found the YFZ quad cam at a good price want to know if it will work in the WR? I am not worried about not getting a power gain if the AD works.

I thought I saw that it won't work in the YZF because the decomp pin is too short. Will this shorter pin have the same problem in the wr?

Has anyone tried the quad cam in the WR.


I really like to ride the Wr 426 low and lug the engine through tight technical stuff which is why I am hesitant to use the YZ450 cam. I think the WR450 cam would be the way to go but I can't seem to find any used ones. The YFZ450 quad cam is available but I'm not sure of it's compatibility or if the power profile is more like the WR or the YZ?

Any feedback here?

I can't speak to the YZF, but I put the '03 YZ cam in my '98 WR400. I found that the I could lug the bike around fine and the power comes on smoother than the YZ timed WR cam.

Also, in the few cases where I would have stalled and run my nuts up the tank as I skid to a stop :busted: , with the new cam it sort of bumps starts instead.

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