WR450 Front Tire

The soil in Kentucky is primarily clay. When the clay is wet, I have noticed that the stock Dunlop front tire on my WR450 gets blanketed with clay and doesn't clean out worth a damn. On the otherhand, fellow KTM riders with Michelin's on the front seem to self-clean much better. Does anyone have a recommendation for a new front tire in these conditions (wood trails and light x-cross)? The back tire seems okay, but the added weight (extra mud) and inability of the Dunlop front tire to clean itself out stinks and is becoming downright dangerous. :)

I really like the Michelin S-12, but it has a little softer side wall for more of a chance of front flats. So i switched to the Michelin M-12 and I like it also. The S-12 seems to be a little better at hooking up but the M-12 IMHO is a better all around tire. Of course I live in the dry desert and I don't have all that much riding time in sticky mud, but I think the M-12 or S-12 well till be your best bet.

I assume you have the Dunlop 739. It is an intermediate terrain tire. Not good for mud or soft terrain. I have heard the Michelin M12 are awesome and have ordered a set to try out. I have used many tires for racing down here in the South where the terrain is mainly soft. Dunlop has been the best for me. The 752 is my current favorite. 756's are a good choice also. I also have a new set of 773 that I am going to try but it is really a mud/soft terrain tire. When choosing a tire, determine the type of terrain you will be riding mainly and pick a tire that the manufacture suggests for that type of terrain. If you are having clogging problems pick a tire with wider knob spacing. The 739 has the knobs pretty close together. Sometimes you may decide one type tire for the front and a different one for the rear. I don't care for the 756 front and have run a 755 front and a 756 rear.

was using the same stock Dunlop's on bike when new, it was lousy in soft terrain. I switched to the michelin S-12's front and rear and it made a lot of difference in the handling of the bike.

I love playing tyres. An mt44 pirelli is awesome,an ms2 michelin is also very good. On the back end I use either a 756 dunlop (intermediate use) or an mt 32 pirelli (for the softer goop).

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