clocks lost milage when battery removed.

hi guys, im fairly new to my wr450 and havent realy messed much with the clocks so i hope this isnt actualy a "fault" and just me not knowing what im doing:bonk:

today i disconnected my battery to remove the air box snorkels and when i re-connected it back up my clocks had lost the milage (46.7 miles only) i switched between A and B and they were both on 00000.

is this milage lost forever? has this happened to anyone else?

(bike is a 2009 wr450)


Your trips will reset just like the clock, but your accumulative milage should remain. Just like if you un-hooked a battery on a vehicle, you'd loose your trips & clock would be blinking but total milage would remain.

just checked my clocks again, trip A is on 0.0 and trip B is on 0.0, (these are the only two milage counters i can find. pressed a few buttons with no luck. "race mode" didnt show any milage either.

i think the milage realy is lost

The Canadian ones keep total mileage while the US ones don't. Looks like the UK ones don't as well.

Odd, I've pulled my battery before and the total miles stayed. I use B for total miles..

i didn't think there would be any difference. between the electronic dash.. cnd/eur/american???

seem more R & D and cost to do seperate one's

I have 3 counters. 1 odometer and 2 tripmeters. on my CND 08 wr450F

the trips reset when you remove the battery.. but as stated above the odometer does not reset.




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