How is the Magura Hydraulic Clutch?

Okay, I searched the archives and didn't see a lot on Maguras. I've run Magura brakes on my mountain bikes since the 90's and they are great.

Anyone running these on their WR or YZ? What are your comments. I read the installation PDF file on Magura's site and it looks pretty easy to install. They're under $200 so not bad on price either.

The ones I've found on the net are listed as YZ426 but I assume they'll fit the WR's since their shouldn't be a difference between the clutch cable and connector on the YZ and WR. Am I correct on this?

I think I'm about ready to just get a set and try it out. I'm used to my XR400 clutch which is easy to use compared to the WR426.

I was looking at them but stopped because they do not have an electric switch for the starter interlock.

I assume you have a 450 since you're talking about electric start? My 426 is kick only so I don't have to worry about that part. Thanks.

Well, I ordered a set for $180 so I'll see how they are.

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