WR450 weight

On the Yamaha web site under specifications it lists the dry weight of the wr450 at 245lbs. But in all of the reviews I have read they list the empty weight at around 260lbs. Does anybody know the real deal or are all of the reviews including a full tank of gas.

When the manufacturers list "Dry weight" they mean no oil, no gas, no fork oil no shock oil, Dry. They probably put helium in the tires and gas tank! :) When the mags list the weight, it's usually with about a half tank of gas. Closer to how you would actually ride it. :D

Hahah.. I'm having a flashback. Prior to release of the WR450 these 'weight' threads had about 300 replies and several mini flame wars each. :D Nice to have moved beyond it. :)



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