Pro Circuit T4 Exhaust

Has anyone tried the new Pro Circuit T4 exhaust system. I am trying to decide between the Pro Circuit, DSP (Yoshimura)and the Big Gun. I ride mainly the local Motocross/Supercross tracks in So Ca. Any Response would be welcomed. Thank You

I put the T4 exhaust on my 426 three weeks ago because it had a removable (takes three minutes) cone-type screen spark arrestor. The pipe is a three piece unit and fits perfectly.

Yes, it is louder than stock, even with the screen in and it makes a bit more power and also seems to allow the engine to rev further. The core is 2" in diameter (much larger than stock) and Pro-Circuit says that a quiet core may be available soon.

I only run the bike half throttle anyway, so I didn't need more power and possibly someone who can actually use the power would be better suited to evaluate the output.

It seems to start easier, but that may be because I'm getting used to the four stroke.

Actually, there was a clearance problem with the T4 exhaust and radiator which I've posted about on the DRN board...

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