Trail tech comp. mounting

I was thinking about getting the trail tech comp. I do a lot of cross country racing and I think this thing would be awsome for that. I got protaper bars and I see a couple of pic of mounting it on top of the bar pad but when you do that what mounting brackets do you need. Also can you us the Billet Aluminum Protector stock mount or the top mount or any. Also how do you like yours. :)

Mine is too tight a fit to mount the stock mount on the WR426 but the stock odo mount works great on my XR400. The handlebar mount should work (although I don't have pro tapers). It mounts to the bar bolts.

i'm having the same problem, just got my trail tech with the billet protector. its a very tight fit and kinda hidden with the standard mount and my scotts bar clamps are hollowed out where the screws fit in. it looks like the top mount can't be used. :)

I have pro tapers with a scott stabelizer and I mounted mine with an L bracket and screwed it in where the bracket for the stock odometer goes. :)

I have mine mounted on my 2000 yz as the Trail-tech shows.

I built My own Bracket to hold it up with plain Aluminum Bar stock.

I used the original TT Mount that snaps into the Computer. bent the bracket to fit were I wanted and allowed the Trail-tech to rest snuggly into the foam. It took a bit to get what I wanted I made sure the computer was fitted into the pro-taper foam snug. If you need I will pull the whole thing off with more photons...

Pics to Follow


Geez I just noticed I am off an hour, WHAT NO DST Setting. Cheep cheeep cheep :)



I have pro tapers & scotts stabelizer. I just got 2 longer bolts & mounted the billet housing on top of the bar clamp (not between the 2 pieces. No problem with the bars moving and it sits just above the number plate. (thats on a 2000 YZ)

Not sure what type of bike your riding, but on my WR450 I just removed the stock ODO and turned the mounting plate upside down. Works great and is well protected. :)

If you use the combination of a Scott stabilizer and protaper bars you mount the Scotts unit upside down and the billet case will mount in the Scotts holes very nice. This was recommended to me by both Scotts and Protaper. I have to get off the bike, stand on the front tire to turn the Scotts unit but other then losing a few races due to this maneuver I really like the setup.


got a pic of that?

Thanks for the pics E.G.O. thats how i plan on mounting it but i was wondering if you can yous a billet protector when it is mounted like that. or would it just be a waste to get the protector.

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