First ride, comments, questions...

Hey guys,

I knew if anyone would have the answers it would be you here it goes.

I picked up my new 426 on Saturday, took it out to start the break in and here is what I found:

The bike does not like to go slow!! Thinking about maybe a one tooth less front sprocket for tight trail conditions. I did notice the chatterig from the clutch hub, it only seemed to happen under low RPM's. Other than that, the thing does have alot of torque!! Extremly smooth power (compared to my CR500). I was wondering if any of you guys noticed alot of popping on deceleration? It remined me alot of the lean condition of a poorly jetted street bike. Is this normal for the hiper YZ? Should I jet it richer to fix this problem? It was about 75 degrees, so weather should not have been a factor here. Just wondering. I am franticly trying to get some handguards, frame protectors and skid plate, and chain for the first big ride on Friday, any suggestions on some place to get them here quick (IL)? Just one more, then I will shut up....... How long did you guys ride your YZ's before really pounding on the motor? 4, 6, 8 hours? Just wondering. I have about 2.5 on mine and not even attempted to rev it up.

Thanks in advance


Hey Tim, glad you got your bike. I've had my 426 since December. Mine also popped on deceleration when I got it. I went with Stroker's recommendation of going to a 165 main and a 48 pilot. Fuel screw 2 turns out. They said this would be good to about 5000 feet elevation. Mine no longer pops and starts and runs perfect. The stock glide plate is decent, although it will bend if you rub it on jumps and whoops, but I've heard of the Works Connection one bending too. I would be open for additional suggestions on skid or glide plates as well. I have the Acerbis plastic frame guards and I really like them. Installation is easy, fit is good, lightweight, same color as frame, and protection is great. One other great thing: the price is $21.

Oh yeah, I got the frame guards direct from Acerbis and they sent them out the same day I ordered them. Check for the number if you're interested.

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Where did you pick up the plastic frame guards?? All the places I have called so far DO NOT have the Works connection ones in stock!

Thanks again



I think I spent 30-40 mins. breaking mine in and haven't had any problems. Actually I've never spent more than an hour breaking a new bike in. Just make sure you change your oil/oil filter after the first hard ride, you'll be surprized at what you may find in that filter (it ain't pretty).

Hey Tim, the number to Acerbis for the plastic frame guards is 1-800-659-1440, if you need it.

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