08 YZ450 Carb full of mud (topside)

I was having a running problem with my yz so i took off the carb and replaced the accel pump diaphram and spring, cleaned jets and checked everything else, was ok till i took off top side of carb and found the whole slide area full of somekind of mud! ***! seen a little before but this was unaccptable! i say mud but it was a mixture of fuel reisidue and carbon and maybe teflon from slide, as it was worn? dunno anyone ever seen this before?

I had the same thing happen on my 06 YZ450 until I Teed off the carb vent lines and ran a filter in the air box. Now I dont even get the slightest amount of dust in there. You should also check the boots on the carb and your air filter to make sure they are fully sealed.

the filtered vent lines might help but they got to float bowl and not the slide chamber area. filters are perfect and clean air box eveytime i swap one out.

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