Chest protector for BIG (fat) GUY

Hi folks....

I'm 5'10" tall and 220lbs. I'm looking for a chest protector.

I bought a "Shift Roost deflector" from MX South, but it seems to be small for me.

I previously owned a Thor scattershield (2 years ago) which fit pretty good.

Any suggestions from guys my size?


Acerbis Zoom 2 plus. Check it out it's a great protector.

Fox makes one that is adjustable for us big'uns.

Acerbis Zoom 2 Plus, or Moose Racing makes the M1 available in XL. Fox also makes the Airframe which is now offered in XL.

I'm 6'3ish and I am about 235 LBS, so I am a big fuy too. I have an "Answer Edge" as big as it get's, and I have room to tighten it, so it should fit you. I think it works great, and I dont really notice I am wearing it once I start riding. too bad you dont live near me, I would let you try it out.

I have the acerbis zoom 2. I am hitting 250 without gear, it fits me fine.


The Fox Racing Air Frame comes in all sizes ((even Xtra-Large)). :)

Zoom Plus is the only way to go. 6ft, used to be 270 lbs. and its works great for big guys. I lost quite a bit of weight (195) and don't use it any more. Maybe we can work something out. PM me if interested.

I am 6' 4" tall and weigh about 255. The Moose M1 in XL fits great and offers alot of protection. The Moose seems to stay in place well and doesn't flop around or get in the way when you are riding.

A buddy that races with me is 6-6'1" and is about 245-255lbs, lifts weights and a little belly,. And I got him to buy a set of Moose gear and he said it was the best fitting gear he had ever had., So you might want to check them out., Later

my fat brother (5'11" 256lbs) uses the answer Edge XL. He has HUUUUGE shoulders and chest.. and a nice beer belly aka "gas tank for the luv machine".

It fits him fine. I use the Answer Edge for normal folks(i'm 6' 215) So far I'm pleased with fit and protection.

reason we got them: Some company on E-bay sells for $60/ea!! Hard to beat that deal!

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