yz timeing foe a wr 426 help

i have a 02 wr426 and i want a snappy throttle and higher revs can any one help

You can check out Motomans site off the main page too, very consise explenation.

If you havn't already, I'd suggest you go to YZ jetting too. As far as the needle you may need, I can't help you on that unless your at 5K....


Dodger :):D

Hey tctrailrider, got rid of that off the line hesitation with the pilot screw adjustment. Dialed in now. It rips off the line now (finally). Guess all my mods at once weren't such a bad idea. :)

Motojunkie, the mods I did in my sig all helped it fly. They are pretty easy if you can take off a carb and use a drill and tap the hole (for BK mod). I can send you more info if you need it. Just PM me. I can even take some pics if you can get them through email. Of course, I haven't done YZ timing or YZ cam but there is information on that also. YZ timing is just a matter of moving your exhaust cam one tooth from what I've seen. My next mod will probably be a YZ needle but it runs so well now, I might wait a while.

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