520exc vs wr450?

Spanked the thing! I lined up with two 520s (one with 3000 in engine and suspension) a wr 426, two xr650r's, and a cr500. The playing field was a dry lake bed, just damp enough to allow a 2nd gear dump. The 520 took the jump off the line, and I had him passed before I hit 3rd. At a quarter mile I had the ktm by 3 lengths the 426 by nine and I didn't see how far back the others were but they were smoked too.

I've only unplugged this thing, but it is an amazing machine. Now if I can only smoke them like that in the trails.


sweeeet :D:):D :D

How did the CR500 do?

The CR500 was behind you only because he must have lapped you already :)

You can take it either as a compliment or as a disagreement :D

If you strated at 0 miles per hour, the "rider effect" counts for too much in such experiments to conclude something about the power of the bikes. :D


Anyway, it's always a great fun two smoke out riding partners a little bit :) Specially when they are 2 smokers

:D :D :D

If you need a question answered always ask the french.

They know everything.

the cr500 must have seized.beating a 520ktm is one stretch,but a cr500?put down the crack pipe! :)

If it was a dry lake bed and a long distance race, the CR would get smoked. I used to race my CR250 and my XR250 (84) and the CR would toast it off the line every time. Top speed isn't much on a CR though since it's a track bike and my 6 speeds on the old XR would kill it once we hit high speed. Short distance and off the line a CR should kill a WR or any 4 stroke unless the bike is setup wrong or the rider doesn't know how to keep from spinning the rear tire. My CR was a rocket. Same for my friends YZ250 I rode last year.

I had a 2001 yz 426 with the only thing done to it was the head was shaved and polsihed; it rocked pretty good. My bro had a 99 cr 500 with porting/polsih and piped he could take me off the line but not by much then we would be dead even until we both hit the rev limited. We tried varius starts like dead start to rolling start in first second and third. It was really quite even. My buddy also has a stock 2002 ktm 520 and in the sand i could out pull him every time. :)

Glad the Blue Beast rips for you but....

Rider weight, gear shifting techniques, rider reaction times, jetting, gearing, tyres, healthy engines etc. etc. all have as much to do with the results of a run like this as out of the box performance.

I've seen guys on DRZ400's beat the new YZF450 & CRF450's to the first corner at the local track.

Does this mean that all of us in search of speed should buy a DRZ????

Whatever you did to roost the other guys obviously works so keep right on doing it. :)


Does this mean that all of us in search of speed should buy a DRZ????

:):D :D :D

Hey that's a good one!

I don't know where the cr was...somewhere behind the 520s. I don't know much about his ability other than he was at least as fast as me on the trails. As far as the ktm's go, the one rider is an amatuer hare and hound racer and he leaves me looking for his dust trail everywhere we go. I know that he can drag. The 500 is a monster, but I think it would run out of poop long before the quarter.

We can talk stats all day, but you won't convince me that the 520s will outrun the 450s. We didn't switch bikes, but there were plenty of runs with the same results.

What do the reveiws complain the most about? They hit too hard? I like it just the way it is.


Hey RunAnywhere,

I'm a dyed in the wool Katoom nut these days, but must admit that the WR450 could come close to converting even me one day - it's one helluva bike with the motor of death.

I congratulate you on your choice of weapon.

My own experiences with the big Katooms (Kabooms???) are that they'll run with or in front of any of the current 450's that we hang with but as usual, it's often the nut behind the steering head that makes the biggest difference - this includes when I get hosed. :D

I must admit to having a fetish for demoralising CR500 owners with a thumper - not too unlike yourself by the sounds of it.

It's even better if you can do it where horsepower should rule supreme and on a slow (not) 4-stroke trailbike with a headlight fitted.

Like I said, whatever you did to roost the other guys obviously works so keep right on doing it. :):D

Keep right on roosting those dirty smelly 2-Smokes.


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