It's True! Austrailia WR450F Dual Sport Does Exist

Here's a link to the Austrailia version of Yamaha Motor Co. Click this link and then click on the gallery to see some great photo's. Anyone know how to find out Austrailia Yamaha part numbers and can they be ordered locally?

Here's a another austriala link that has a review of the WR450F with more photo's.

This is somewhat intresting, I wouldn't necessarily want my WR450F to be completely "dressed" with OEM stock dual sport parts like these but I wouldn't mine having some of these parts just in case. I also wonder if the same wiring harness is used on all WR450F's and these dual sport parts would "plug and play" on the USA version? This should also settle how the factory runs the rear brake wire from the master cylinder up the frame. Check it out!!!

You’ll also see on the Australian site a YZ250WR. It’s a two-stroke with dual sport equipment. They fit lights, speedo, a nice quiet muffler, and mention an available 12 liter gas tank. The short write up says it’s a YZ MX motor, gearbox & suspension, but the bike code letters are “WR.” Could it be that Yamaha has a wide ratio gearbox for the 2-stroke?

I’m currently riding a CRF450 which has been converted to enduro trim, but the gearbox isn’t suited to tight woods. After 20 years of 2-strokes (a bunch of Asian MXer converted to enduro trim and a couple of 2-S KTM EXCs) I’m still not sure a 4-stroke is as quick as a 2-stroke. I’ve been thinking about going back to a 2-stroke. This Ausie YZ-WR might be a cost-effective competitor to a KTM EXC 2-stroke.

Just a little plug-and-play and you can hare scramble it one weekend w/o all the extras. The next weekend could be an enduro or Dual sport -- with full lights.


I already have my vanity plate all picked out: (in honor of the Iowa DOT)


"Kiss My :D Department of Transportation" :):D

Hey guys, the conversion work is done by a company called YZR engineering... on behalf of Yamaha, to suit our regulations for Street registration... I am not sure if they would sell a complete kit... But I just walked into the dealer, bought one, registered it (with Vanity Plate too!) and rode away... Easy...

The manual has a big sticker on it that says

This Motorcycle is not designed or intended for continuous 'on road' use.

Yamaha YZR WR models have been modified to enable ADR (Australian Design Rules) compliance and registration to support their intended use as a competition or serious off road use enduro motorcycle

have a look at

BTW, my vanity plate is WRF 26 - white letters on a blue background looks almost factory... :D:)

Also, the 2-smoke wr250 is a YZ250, with lights etc... nice machine...


Hey David!

How much Aus dollars does this little baby cost? We need to have an Aus postal code to check and I don't :D

Thanks :)

If you are looking at the e-dealers, then you could use a postcode for Bundaberg 4670... the local dealer is not on-line, so he won't show up, but you will get Capricorn Yamaha in Rockhampton... they are on-line so you will get a price from them... Now that is Yamaha's RRP, so the individual dealer may discount or do some other deal in person...

I think the WR's are just under AU$11,000 - which is about 7,200 or so US - not sure of the local exchange rates lately... petrol has come down, but so has our dollar...


Yamaha Dude: So if I hear you right, YZR modifies a YZ-250 2-stroke with lights, speedo/odo, muffler, sidestand & such. Same thing I can do with a little help from E-Line?

My real concern is the gearbox. Does it have the standard YZ close-ratio or do they fit a wide-ratio box? If it has a true WR box, then I’m interested. I used to own an ’88 KX-250 fitted with the factory WR kit. The gearbox kit was sold by the dealers here in the USA. Actually, it was 2 separate kits: one kit had a different 1st & 2nd and the second kit featured a different 4th & 5th. The only stock gear ratio was 3rd. The ’88 KX had a strong motor (for the day) and would out run a KTM EXC-300. The WR kit made the KX a viable alternative to a KTM.

Wide-ratio or standard gearbox, that is the question.

nah the RRP price is around $10,299 AUS which is about $6,200 US

Yamaha Dude: So if I hear you right, YZR modifies a YZ-250 2-stroke with lights, speedo/odo, muffler, sidestand & such. Same thing I can do with a little help from E-Line?

That's right. It's a 2001 YZ250 with lights etc. to make it road legal. The gearbox is a standard YZ250 box.

They even give you all the standard YZ bits so you can convert it back to a MX bike.

Here's a link to Yamaha Australia (YZ250WR):

I believe it was just a limited edition. Not really sure how many units they converted. I haven't seen any 2002 or 2003 YZ250's converted.

Before these things came out, we used to be able to buy WR250's which are YZ250's with a wide ratio gearbox and all the road legal stuff. Unfortunately, Yamaha stopped making them so YZR Engineering decided to convert some YZ's. I'm not sure if they're doing it though??

Mike. :)

My WR250F which is a Spainish model came complete with -

dipping headlight

brake light

number plate holder and light


steering lock

turn indicaters

It was bought still in the crate with unopened Yamaha packaging, it's my guess on this model it was factory fitted.

I've ridden with a YZ/WR 2 stroke with the same kit on as standard, judging by the top speed of around 90 mph but still with a low 1st gear it has a wide ratio gearbox fitted for Europe :)

From down under.

Most wr's sold in Aus are fully road legal (at least till you get them home and remove the excess crap). I picked up my 450 last week and love it and could have ridden it anywhere until I pulled the indicators etc off. In Australia bikes need to be fully registered to have insurance cover on public lands, so technically no mx bikes in the bush. Yes its true we also get a yz250wr, i have seen 2002's at the dealers but no 03's yet I'm sure the're concentrating on the 4 strokes as demand is higher than supply at the moment. The dealer I got mine from had ordered 80 450's and had been delivered 12 so far, mine is no. 11!

Check Honda Australias website for pics of their street legal

CR500 !!!!!!

In Australia bikes need to be fully registered to have insurance cover on public lands, so technically no mx bikes in the bush.

Which part of Australia are you from fman?

In Victoria we have recreational registration which means that you can basically put a headlight, tail light and quiet muffler on any mx bike and it's legal to ride in the bush.

Mike. :)

In tasmania u can get rec rego and u dont need lights or anything all u

have to know is were it is legal to ride certain beaches and areas of trails

have been marked for this. this goes for quads too

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