Stewart on the 2010 YZF450

Anyone watch that video of Stewart riding the new 450. It looks like he goes much slower on that standard 09 bike through the whoops. On his regular 09 450 race steed, he would of blown through them. Anyone else notice that?

And the introduction at Budds Creek. Some of the videos show the rear end gettin' squirlly.

I think my 09 is great. I'm waiting for the verdict on the 2010 bike. I think it might be "hocus pocus" stuff like at the Honda introduction a year ago. That bike was going to change MX too, Remeber?

I said it might be hocus pocus. I don't want to start a firebomb here. I am a die hard YZ guy after gettting a YZ this year. Just my opinion right now.


If this bike turns out to be like the Honda, I'm getting another 09 Yamaha 450. This is the best bike I have owned( and I have raced since 78 on CZ's) I have had over 65 bikes, and that 09 is the EASIEST bike I have ridden. I haven't done much except a DRD pipe and jetting. I havent even done anything except change oil in suspension, either. Oh, and I have almost won every moto(in over 45) that I raced. DAMN GOOD BIKE!

The 2010 will have to be good!

Lots of people have seen that, and yet all of the commentary by test riders has failed to mention much of anything negative regarding the handling at all. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Stewart can push any stock motorcycle so far beyond its limits it's not funny, and he can do it without any real effort. People expecting the bike not to act up a little are just determined to find something wrong with it.

Well the video I saw simply looks like he was intentionally pushing the front end down into the whoops-it didn't look like he was trying to skim them at all. I suspect he was trying to see how forgivng the stock suspension and frame is?

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