Snapped pinch bolts; does it matter?

Greetings all.

On my 98 WR400, the front fork (throttle side) has had the pinch bolts for the wheel spindle clamp, snapped off deep in the holes.

Should I go to the effort of drilling them out and putting new ones in or will it be ok on this side of the wheel (next to the speedo drive/opposite side to the caliper). I'm not planning on using the bike for heavy use; some light green laning and trails, and jumping off the bumpy bits on the local spare ground


Might as well do it so that when you snap the left side bolts you know what your gonna be in for

the pinch bolts are what hold that right fork leg to the axle. definately replace them.

It's an interesting question and I can see why you might think it's ok since all of the bearing preload comes from the caliper side (left). But consider this, to properly tighten the axle nut and set the preload you need to have the right pinch bolts tight. After you properly torque the axle nut and preload the bearing you loosen the right side and stroke (bounce) the suspension and let the right fork float into the proper location.

This would also mean that the axle would be floating in the right side while you are riding which will put additional load on the left side. This extra load could cause the the preload to come loose, wallow out the axle bore and/or break the fork.

For me the only option is to fix it.

Gotta fix it, forks will not locate properly as said by tcmII

agreed, fix the problem. Not clamping the right side down will allow the wheel to twist more than it should which will cause excess stress on the axle.

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