Hinson clutch 09 450F

I have a complete brand new hinson clutch setup that I bought for my 09 YZ450F. I was looking at them today and they are marked 04-06 YZ/YFZ 450. I did not think there was a difference, but thought I'd check. I did a search on hinson, and didn't find the answer.

I believe the difference between the 04-06 and 07 and newer models is the number of clutch plates. Most people think the 06 clutch was the best version anyway. I believe to use the 06 clutch on a later model you have to get some different parts but its not a big deal and in the end you have a better clutch anyway. I'm sure someone else will chime in who knows more than I do.

The inner hub, basket and pressure plate are all the same parts for both the '03-'06 and '07-'09. The difference is in the plate sets: 9 for the older bikes, 8 for the newer.

To use the 9 plate stack in an '07 and later, you'll find it necessary to use the steel plates for an '06, and also the release arm from an '06 so it will push the pressure plate far enough. The rest of it should fit.

So, should I change plates to? The bike only has 4 hours on it, so maybe I'll throw in the hinson parts until they start slipping. Thanks for the info.

If you are talking about using the Hinson hardware with the OEM plates, that will work OK.

Has anyone tried out the slipper clutch for mx? I was thinking of selling this setup and trying the slipper out, but at $1,000 it kinda STEEP!

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