XR650R. dirt bike or dual sport monster?

I noticed the post about the XR against the CR getting a ton of replies. But the XR650R is such a good dual sport bike. You can easily make it street legal, and then you have a bike (unlike the CR500), which is fairly comfortable on the street, and still fully off-road capable. Not to mention you can easily waste most any car out there (up to a 100 anyway), all cruiser bikes, and even some sport bikes (but not a crotch rocket). The big single 650R is just totally bad ass in the torque department, and you all know that. What could be more fun? The twitchy, trigger-happy throttle response of the XR is just a blast I think! Cars just disappear in my mirror at the slightest flick of the wrist!


I agree, I had an 95 xr600 that was sooped up alittle and street legal. Just remove the rear blinkers (I learned this the hard way, keep breaking them) fold down or remove the mirror and you were ready to hit the dirt. I used to smoke Harleys and most cars although one time my friends w/ their R1's and I wear out ridin and a Lamborgini pulled up to a red light at the same time and it was on. Needless to say I was left in the dust but my buds beat the rich middle aged man in the Lam. Anyhow I imagine the 650 would be a blast zippin around, maybe someday I will street legalize mine.

My buddy has an XR650R and I have a WR426 and right before we needed new tires, we rode to work and dual sported/flat tracked/wheelied, etc. all over the place on the street for a couple of hours. Skidding, sliding, burnouts, etc. It was an absolute blast.

The XR650R is much better as a dual sport over the WR426 unless you change the Yamaha's gearing. Hotler from the Super Moto section may argue that big 2-strokes make the most fun dual sport/motard bikes as he has a KX500 motard that's street legal. :)

Update to my post:

My buddy and I just went out riding at lunch. I was on my Vmax and he was on his XR650R. He rode a couple of 1/2-3/4 mile long wheelies and it looks bad. The only thing that sucks is when he rides that far, it starts filling the airbox with oil.

Airbox fills with oil? How do you suppose that happens? I assume you have the smog stuff removed and properly blocked off. :)

You have a Vmax??? Kick ass man. I sat on one of those at the local bike show here in Dallas a while back and thought it felt great! What's the power like ?? Is is as fast as it looks? I've always wanted to ride one of those! Cool man!


The Vmax runs hard to say the least. The biggest problem with them is shredding rear tires. I've go 1500 miles on this one and it's toast and I don't do burnouts. I do nail it hard off the line though. It still amazes me that a bike that heavy can lift the front wheel off the ground with ease. I've got a Hindle 4-1 pipe, jet kit and K&N filter on it so it breathes a little better.

I don't think my buddy has pulled the smog stuff and plugged the lines. Is there a section on TT that would tell him what he needs to do? His air filter was dripping with oil after the long wheelies. I'm sure he'd appreciate the info.




Get yourself to Baja Designs. They sell the smog block off kits. Pretty inexpensive and well worth it.

Thanks, I'll let my buddy know.

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