DRZ 400 E header pipes to fit 400S

After just finding out I was misold a Scorpion exhaust and midpipe for an E model (I have an S), I now need to get a compatible E-size pipe...

So whats available ??? Can anyone recommend a place to buy in the UK with a return policy if it doesnt fit ??

Thanks in advance.


Hey buddy,

You'll also need to sort a means of getting the mid-point mount on the E-link pipe to hook up with the S-mounting point (on the pillion peg hanger). I'll be experimenting with this myself as I deliberately bought a nearly-new Scorpion full system for an E, to fit to my SM. Reason for going for the E system was simply that not many peeps were bidding on it so I got it cheap (£220 for full s/s F-series system). Bit of a delay fitting it though, cos I broke my ankle last sunday and don't have enough stuff in the flat to knock up a means of attaching my toolbox to my crutches...

From looking at various photos, it may be possble to make a little drop link to go from the higher pillion peg mount on the S/SM down to where the E-link pipe has it's mount.

My can seems to mount up fine with the strap hanger. The mid pipe hole doesnt match properly but it doesnt really need it with the can being quite light.

I just need a E header now which will definately fit properly. Theres a rusty old one on ebay for £35 which I think is robbery for a chunk of rust.

cant you get the Scorpion exhaust "E" header pipe ?

...it doesnt really need it with the can being quite light...

Yep, reckon you're right - yours is the sort where the link pipe clamps onto the header, so it can probably live without. On mine, the header just slips inside the end of the link pipe, no clamp just a tight sliding fit. Only thing holding that joint together is the mid mount and the header bolts...

cant you get the Scorpion exhaust "E" header pipe ?

Nope... I called Scorpion today which is how I found out my exhaust is for the E model, not the SM which I was told :busted: . They havn't done a E header pipe for YEARS apparently.. My exhaust system is pretty old which is why it doesnt have e-marks (although it has a removable baffle).

I have just ordered a DEP 4 stroke header for the E model from racespec... £100

Fingers crossed its a copy of the original E-pipe and fits my scorpion too..

Ah just seen you post! £100 is about the mark, £30 for s/h mild steel one. Hope it all fits up ok. You might need to make a small 2 hole bracket from the rear foot peg mount to the pipe mount, just make sure the pipe doesnt sit on the engine, you can get 1 or 2 mm space with a bit of fiddling! and you have to miss the plastic catch tank, that melts if it buts up to the header!



The DEP header is a PERFECT fit for the scorpion E-spec exhaust system !!

The pipe slides in PERFECTLY with no need for gaskets or sealing gunk. it sits about 3-4" inside. Lovely.

The only thing is that the header diametre is smaller than the original where it mates upto the head, but, it seems to be sealing well even with the old gasket (ill get a new gasket in the morn)

As for the mid pipe bolt hole not mounting up, it lines up right behind the bolt while holds the actual foot peg on... An extra long bolt SHOULD fit straight through them both..

A job for the morning though.. Along with the Jetting kit :busted:

Thanks for all the input...

Glad you got it sorted!

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