05 WR 450 Cutting out

I bought a used 2005 WR 450 at the begining on this summer and have put around 600 miles on it. It has a total of 1005 on it now. It is pretty much stock other than a silencer, water pump, gearing, and a street legal kit. I was out riding this weekend and it ran great up until saturday night. I started it late in the day and went to take off and the head light kept flickering and the motor kept cutting out and turning on and I couldn't accelerate. Then it finnaly died and I couldn't get it started. Came back and got it with the truck and then after I unloadeed it it seemed to run fine but the light was still flickering. Started it up sunday and the motor was cutting out again when I tried to ride it. One other thing that I noticed is the tail light flickers too when I turn it on. The batery seems to be dead too because the electric start doesn't work on it now either. I am thinking it is the stator but not really sure. Thanks for any help.

first check your battery connections....this happened to me once also

Perhaps, the flickering light was a warning to stop riding, and start wrenching?

- loose connections in harness, at battery, at main ground, coil ground, etc.

All of the connections to the batery were good. Just put in a new battery last night and it seems to be working fine now. Going to try and take it for a longer ride tonight to make sure everything is good.


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