FMF Silencer gasket WR426


Iv got a Yamaha WR426, and need a gasket / joint to fit a FMF Q silencer to the (i assume) original header pipe.

Does anybody know where i can buy one of these?



There is no gasket at this joint. it is a slip fit with a rather robust clamp. after proper test fitting I suggest a thin skin of Hi-Temp silicone applied to the male portion of the header pipe. after assemble and clamp tightening, clean residue from the joint. Allow to dry overnight before starting engine.

Ok maybe i used the wrong word. My header pipe is about 40mm diameter and the diameter of the silencer female connection is about 45-50mm. It needs a sort of sleeve to make up the difference in diameters and seal the joint. I thought there maybe a standard part that you can buy for doing this job.

The ones for 426's I have ever seen are a slip fit like stated before. The newer wr's 07+ have a smaller head pipe that requires a spacer that comes with the silencer. Are you sure it is the correct part #? If it is correct you may need to try the OEM style gasket for the stock silencer.

Ok cheers lads, think il order the OEM part today and see if that works

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