Changed "Betty's" oil today ----

Well - with last weekends 18" of snow, our riding season was delayed a bit. So I decided to put my "Betty" together and change the oil. After draining overnight the down tube screen was pulled and cleaned and I cleaned that flat shelf in the bottom of the tank that is accessible when the screen is removed.

This is so easy to do and once you find that spooge in there you will do it more often.

After putting the screen back and connecting the oil line I started to put some oil in the frame and noticed I had forgotten to change the filter. So I grabbed the 8mm T handle and whipped off the cover, pulled the old filter, and wiped out the filter pocket. The new oil I had put in the frame was slowly draining out the oil pump and it was turning from a dirty brown to a nice clean gold, (15/50 Mobil One), as the dirty oil drained through the oil line and pump. Now if I had pulled that filter the night before and let it drain this wouldn't have been so dramatic, but there has to be some garbage left in there. This is also the lowest point where garbage would collect and after putting that new oil and filter in this is the first thing your new filter will swallow :)

So - from this day forward, when "Betty's" oil gets changed, the filter/pump cover will be off and a small amount of oil will flush through the oil line and pump before the cover goes back on.

I do that on my cars as well. I pour an extra quart in and it flows out taking any extra crap that might be left in there with it. How is that oil working with your clutch plates?

I have used 15/50 Mobil One with 2 XR600's, 1 XR400, 2 WR400's and the BRP over a 10 year period. I've never had any clutch problems with it.

Yo Dutch, I just changed my oil with the Mobil 1 15/50 Red Cap as per our last conversation on this topic. I just did it before last weekend and then I went out for some serious single track assalt. My last oil was the Honda Gold 10/40. I can truly tell a difference for the better. Me Likie! Bike Likie! Likie..Good :)

What clutch system are you running? I'm running a Hinson outer basket, stock inner, and Barnett plates, springs, and discs. I saw the fuzz people talk about after the first oil change with new clutch, and haven't seen any problems since. Maxim4 20w50 is what I'm using, and all is good.

If you are asking me - the clutch is stock - haven't had that cover off :):D (I like it that way)

Stock clutch here too. :D:)

I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Dutch/Rokatt, What was the major diference that you felt between the two oils? I change the oil regularly and am not all that brand loyal. I have tried several diferent types from Motul, Mobil, Elf, Honda, just about everything out there. Why do you prefer one to the other?

I have done a fair amount of reading concerning motorcycle oils in the past and Mobil One always seems to do well. The fact that it is easy to find and relatively cheap is nice also.

As far as performance is concerned, many years and many bikes and how they have held up, as well as how well the bike shifts with this oil. I guess shifting is the bottom line for me, all quality oils will protect the motor but having trouble finding gears is no fun.

Is the Mobil One you're using the stuff made for motorcycles, or is it just the regular Mobil One for autos? I use Mobil One in my truck, but I don't know if there's a motorcycle version of it or not? Or just run regular Mobil One in the bikes?

There is "Motorcycle Specific" Mobil One oils available. One is marketed for Harley's and I believe it is 20/50, I can't remember the other viscosity choices. They cost a lot more and I couldn't tell any difference. The thing to watch out for is the words "Energy Conserving". This is true with any oil that is used in a bike that has a wet clutch. Of the car oils Mobil One sells only the 15/50 does not say energy conserving.

So you have Bang Bang Betty all oiled up and nowhere to go on a cold night. :)

Yes - it's usually about this time of year I hear, "do you love that bike more than me?" She thinks I'm obsessed ,(I am but wouldn't admit to it).


Well if you ever get tired of the snow, you should head south. Baja has some prime real estate that is perfect for the BRP's. Miles and miles of endless roads and trails. Lots of good racing also. Let me know if you ever decide to head south.

Thanks Sunny - That has been a fantasy of mine from long before I met Betty.

Dutch & Sunny,

Just got back from a nice lil' 4 day ride. Went to Ocotillo Wells and then out to Lake Havasu. Got back to the office about an hour ago. :D

Dutch: I bet you had "other" fantasy's before that as well! :D

Sunny: As for the oils, I agree with Dutch. It's the shifting. Just seems...more better-er. One thing that I noticed on the Mobile 1 was just how much "cling" the oil had. I never felt oil that had that kind of consistancy before. So I guess my high tech review would say it's more clingy-er too! :D

Sunny...I would love to meet you and your budz down in your 'hood. Tell you what. I'll buy the first round of jello shooters at Squid Row! Get them girls dancing on the tables! Yeah! :)

Ouch! That hurts :) It's 22 deg. outside and SNOWING!! smashpc.gif

Dutch, you need a change of scenery. OK...YOU get to buy the 2nd round! :D Sunny set the phasers to "stun" and beam us up! :)

Sorry to cut in but I'm getting set to change the oil (once the temp. goes back above 40 deg.). I've been starting the bike after draining the oil and running it for about 30 seconds to get out what old oil I can. I hold a bucket where it sprays out the oil pump. Is this a bad idea ? If not, should I blast a new quart through it into the bucket to carry out more junk ?

B.t.w., I just bought Honda oil (after 10 yrs. of "car" oil) because I read on one of these forums that I should.


Brian C.

:):D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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