Changed "Betty's" oil today ----

What'd I say to deserve that ? :)

Brian - you either have a highly developed sense of humor, or you or you live in the land of nonfriction.

If you are running that poor XR dry after all those years and she is still running, don't change a thing that you are doing. No matter - you are my hero today :)

Sorry, the 30 seconds was wrong. More like 5-10 seconds now that I think about it. Quite a bit comes out. Still a bad idea ? It just bothers me to think I'm leaving junk oil in there.

OK Brian, now that I know you are serious, the way I change oil is first get the oil hot. I'll get home from a ride and pull the drains from the frame, motor and filter and let her drain overnight. After draining for a while I'll kick the motor over a few times with the decompression lever pulled in, then she drips through the night.

The next day put the drain plugs in and pour a little oil in the tank and let the oil drain through the filter opening. After wiping the filter pocket clean install the clean filter and add oil to top it up.

Yes - there is a small amount of dirty oil left in the motor but it is a small fraction of the total so don't loose any sleep about it.

You run the risk of doing great damage to that motor by running her with no oil pressure. The crankshaft and connecting rod is supported on roller bearings so they will tolerate it for a while but the cam and lifters are not and will self destruct :).

The move to a "motorcycle" oil is a good one, synthetic oil is the way to go.


OK, I will let you buy the first round of jello shots then we move the next round which is on me. Ever hear of a mind eraser??? You wont afterwards. You will be lucky to remember anything at all after that. Well might be exagerating a little, but maybe after 2-3 you will surely be toast. Rokatt, do you ever do any racing? In the beg of May there are a few of us racing the Dos Mares 300 which is down in southern Baja out of La Paz. If you want to cruise down, it should be a good race. We are also looking at racing the Baja 500 late next month. Should be fun.

Dutch/Rokatt, you should head south for the winter. Great riding down here. The whole place is a fun zone. That and not to mention that it is about 80 degrees outside and just prime riding conditions.

Anyways, Rokatt, I will see you at Squid Roe. Let me know when you decide to head down.


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